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What are learning toys? Some Of The Ways to use them.

What are learning toys?
Learning toys or educational toys are best to learn and fine-tune your child’s motor skills while playing. Generally, these toys are designed for children to help them learn while playing. They intend to meet the educational purposes such as helping a child to develop a particular skill or teaching a child about a particular subject.

How do they help in the cognitive growth of your child?
Playing is the best way for kids to start learning. Kids love to explore new things at a very early stage in their lives. Toys play a very important role in a child’s development. Playing with toys helps them to understand themselves and the world around them at an early age. As a parent, we buy many toys for our babies to have fun with. However, do you know that if you encourage your child to play with educational activity toys, then these toys will help their intellectual and motor learning too along with keeping them engaged and entertained? Learning toys help in developing senses, sparks their imagination, and enhances their social skills as well. Kids are quick learners and great observers. It is on you, how you help your kid to increase his learning capability to shape a better future. Educational toys like the alphabet, numbers, colorful blocks and attractive puzzles should be introduced into their lives from an early age itself.
1. Toys give wings to their creativity and imagination
The key benefits of toys are to increase child’s creativity and imagination. This can be done through various methods such as letting the kid make their own stories with toys. It will encourage them to think out of the box and come up with new ideas. It will also help them to improve their communication skills while they will explain their ideas to others. Learning and activity toys boost their self-confidence as they see that they can create something new and unique.
2. Helps them to develop language through new words
Educational toys help your child to develop language by making new words with letter blocks. The kid will learn new words when they will try to describe the toys they play with. They can also learn new words by reading words on the toy’s packaging or by asking questions about the toys to adults. They can also tell their friends about their toys or what they have been making with them while playing, which helps to improve their communication skills too.
3. Helps in developing problem-solving skills
Toys such as puzzles and blocks challenge the children to re-arrange the piece in a particular order for attaining the end result. It pushes them to be more focused on solving the puzzles or building blocks. Alternatively, you can give toys to the children that they have to think about how to use it. By inculcating problem-solving skills at a younger age in your child you may increase his chances of being successful later in his life.
4. Helps in developing knowledge-based skills
Activity, learning, and educational toys help kids in learning basic things such as, how to tell time/date/month, how to pronounce alphabets, and how to count numbers. These toys play a crucial role in developing and fine-tuning the basic knowledge and cognitive function of the child. When they enter a school, learning will become easy for them as they already have a basic